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As part of the Endย  of the Line Festival in Belgrave. Stay tuned for more as the work progresses.


Last night was the opening of the Mum and Dad exhibition at the Upstairs Gallery Napier Hotel, Fitzroy. Everyone seemed to love my sculpture. All the pieces except the soldiers, the book and the glass dome I made myself. Either on the lathe or by hand. It is called “Arvo Tea with Mum and Dad”. I think I like it too. Also had a great night out, which is always a plus. ๐Ÿ˜€





I have been mucking around with putting beads in finials of boxes recently. Found a rather nice metal one.

Lidded box with metal bead finial insert.

Lidded box with metal bead finial insert.



New design I am working on. Trying for modern and simple, but still related to the traditional design. This one is just Kauri Pine. The real ones will be the usual suspects. Silky Oak, Blackwood, Red Gum, and anything else interesting that turns up.peppermill and plate

Been scanning old slides of my work from before it all went “digital”. Here is piece from last century. Slide taken by an amazing photographer Terance Bogue. He always could make things look more real than reality. ๐Ÿ˜Žtea caddy and platter.

I never get sick of King Parrots visiting my yard. Not that I have any food for them. I can’t take credit for the photos, but at least it was my yard. Image



Friend of a friend wanted a gavel and block for xmas for his favourite nephew who is studying law. Dunno what he is going to get him when he actually graduates. Anyway, who am I to argue. Dug up some nice blackwood, and did a bit of googling. And Bob’s your uncle. The block is hollow underneath so it makes quite a nice satisfying “bop” sound to wake up the jury. Wedged tenon in the head. Not quite perfect. But hey it is my first one. :S The little nob on the end is Soloman’s ebony. I ended up making a couple of them till it looked right. Customer happy. Haven’t heard if the recipient liked it.

Sanded to 400# and rubbed with a bit of danish oil.gavelandblock




at last we meet.

A birthday present for a close friend of Small Boy! 9 years old. Fantastic little book, but thought it might be to small for a present, so crocheted Mr Super Poo to go with it! Complete with toilet paper cape!

Thinking of also making Wonder Wee, Fantastic Mr Fart, Super Spew

A pair of Poplar burl bowls.

I’m kind off proud of these. they turned out really well, if I don’t say so myself.

Top view one bowl 1.

Profile view.

Profie of bowl 2