Living in “the bush” you forget how beautiful it is. People pay money to come here in buses. Locals end up thinking about the fire hazard. And the weeds. I really should go walking more often.
road through sherbrook forest


Here are some recent teapots and cups and saucers. (I’ll refrain from apologizing for not posting very often. Been a bit busy. Also hard to know what to write about. )

a pair of cups and saucers.

tea set.

tea set

tea set

echidna in our garden.I have been contemplating starting a blog for a while now, and now I’ve done it. It might take me some time to get it all ship shape, but hey! Its a start.

In this blog I hope to tell the big wide world about my art and craft practice. This Includes pottery, wood work, and knitting. I have also dabbled in many other things like spinning, felting, sewing, lead light, drawing, painting. So who knows where this will go.

Pottery I have been doing since 1986.I studied at Chisholm college Frankston. The school doesn’t exist now. Or rather, is now part of Monash University. I also did an Honours year in 1999 at RMIT.

I have been doing woodwork for 18 months. At first to fulfill a need for nice handles for my teapots. That grew into wood turned saucers and lids and trays. And now also wooden bowls and lidded vessels. Recently I have joined a fine furniture making group, learning how to do hand cut dove tails and everything else involved in fine furniture making. Half way through my first little table I am really enjoying chiseling and planing, and am amassing a little collection of hand tools and a wood stash for future projects

I have been knitting since I was 7 or so. My mum has some very strange shaped worms that apparently I knitted. They tapered naturally as stitched were dropped. I have since graduated to knitting jumpers for anything that stood still long enough. And now that everyone I know has a jumper already I am knitting very strange things in wire and fishing line. I think they are making themselves into necklaces and jewelry.My skills in wood turning are helping make some interesting clasps. Many design problems are still to be solved though.


Our family has been living in the Dandenongs for five years, and last week I saw my first echidna in our garden. The dog thought it was a bit weird so needed barking at. But echinda seemed unperturbed, and didn’t even mind a camera in his face, as long as I didn’t move too quickly.  So ha gets to be my first picture in my first post. Next time I’ll have some pics of my work, I promise.

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